Air conditioning servicing and repairs at Auto-Bodycare Service Centre


Air conditioning was once only a feature of prestige vehicles, these days over 80% of cars have it fitted as standard. Air conditioning is not just a gimmick to keep you cool, it is a means of keeping your vehicle free from un-wanted pollutants and annoying condensation during all our seasons. As such, it is recommended to have it serviced every two years due to natural loss of refrigerant through the seals and pipes etc (Manufactures estimate a 15% loss each year) this loss will affect every component and can lead to poor fuel economy, excess moisture in the system leading to expense failure.

We offer a full Air Conditioning service.
Vacuum the system.
Recover all existing refrigerant, oil and moisture.
Carry out vacuum hold tests to the system.
Eliminate the moisture and refill with correct level of refrigerant.
Add system oil as needed.
Add ultra violet leak detecting dye.
Re-test system after final fill.

All of this can be done for £60 +VAT or £40 when carried out with a service.
This is not just an air conditioning service ‘' top-up '' as offered by some Budget Chains.

We also offer an Anti-Bacterial service to combat the stale smell that often builds up inside your car after prolonged use or in-active use. This is priced at £40 +VAT or £25 when carried out with either a vehicle or air conditioning service.